Free Public Wi-Fi

These public facilities offer free Wi-Fi. Sites with interior Wi-Fi may provide a limited signal outside the building. Most libraries, community centers and public buildings are closed or have very limited openings due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Clicking on a location in the map will bring up details, including whether it is set up for interior and/or exterior use. You can also search for nearby sites using the third button on the top right side menu to, "Find City Public Wi-Fi Sites Near Me."

View a site list that is screen reader accessible here:

Open the Public Wi-Fi Map (ArcGIS) in a new window.

Comcast WiFi Internet Access 
Comcast has temporarily opened its WiFi hotspots located in businesses and outdoor locations for free public use. For a map of available open hotspots in your area, visit Zoom into the map closely to identify the rough proximity of the area that the specific WiFi spot may be available.
Important Notes:
  • Comcast has not opened its residential 'Home Hotspot' network for free public use.
  • When you search for a WiFi hotspot, the business/outdoor and residential hotspots all shows as name xfinitywifi.
  • You can tell which type of network you're trying to connect to once you click on xfinitywifi and get the launch screen.
    • Get Connected Now screen (below): You're connected with an open business or outdoor hotspot.
    • Already a Customer? and Pay options screenyou're connected with a residential hotspot, which is not open to free public use.
Comcast Xfinity WiFi 'Get Connected Now' screen

Comcast's WiFi hotspot finder map is designed to show only businesses and outdoor WiFi hotspot locations. If you go to a map location and get signals for residential hotspots, it could be due to residential hotspots being close to the business/outdoor hotspot.