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Updated: September 1, 2021

Most of our construction projects rely at least in part on grant funding — typically state or federal funds. The types of grants typically available to us are described below, as well as the process to select and develop projects for upcoming grants.

Typical Grants

Puget Sound Regional Council — Federal Grants

We are eligible for FAST funding through grant competitions such as Surface Transportation Program, Transportation Alternatives Program, and Federal Transit Administration. More information on these grants is available on the PSRC’s website.

WSDOT — Federal & State Grants

WSDOT distributes funds to high-priority projects in Washington’s cities through programs like Safe Routes to School and Pedestrian/Bicycle grants. More detailed information can be found at WSDOT's Highways and Local Programs website.

Transportation Improvement Board — State Grants

We are eligible for two TIB programs: the Urban Arterial Program and the Urban Sidewalk Program. Program descriptions are available on TIB’s website.

Development & Prioritization

We use a team approach to grant seeking, with staff from Project Management, Traffic Management, Roadway & Electrical Design, Signal Operations, Pedestrian/Bicycle Operations, Pavement Management, Planning, and Finance all participating at various stages in the process.

Other city departments and outside agencies are invited for coordination and partnering opportunities. They include Seattle Public Utilities, Seattle City Light, the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods, and King County Metro Transit.

Project Development

We determine projects from a variety of sources:

  • Move Seattle projects
  • High collision locations
  • Paving needs
  • Pedestrian, bicycle, transit, and freight needs
  • Projects already developed
  • Signal needs
  • Neighborhood plans
  • Subarea plans and other adopted transportation plans

Project Selection

We select projects to submit to granting agencies that: