Harrison and Mercer Transit Access Project

Transit priority, pedestrian amenities, pavement upgrades, traffic signal adjustments and road layout/curb space modifications, landscaping

Updated: June 5, 2024

What's happening now?

We are working on planning for the Harrison and Mercer Transit Access Project and will soon begin communicating with community members and stakeholders to share project information and to gather feedback.


The project will create a new pedestrian-focused corridor across South Lake Union, rebuild the roadway to support future transit service and accommodate future regional transit routes coming from Northeast Seattle, the SR-522 corridor, I-405 corridor and Renton.

It also connects to the future Eastlake Layover Facility and the future South Lake Union Sound Transit Link Light Rail station on Harrison St. between Dexter Ave N and 6th St. 

The project aligns with King County Metro’s Metro Connects, which reflects their vision for bringing improved mobility services to King County by 2050.

The Harrison and Mercer Transit Access Project may include: 

  • Upgrading the roadway on Harrison St between Fairview Ave N and 5th Ave N to support new bus service.     
  • Adding and enhancing transit amenities along 5th Ave N from Harrison to Mercer St and along Mercer St from Queen Anne Ave N to 5th Ave N to support transit access and safe, reliable operations.  
  • Connecting to the future Eastlake Layover Facility, a surface level facility on Eastlake Ave N providing a safe and reliable area for bus drivers to take necessary breaks and ensure on-time service for trips. 
  • Connecting to the future Sound Transit South Lake Union Link light rail Station designed to connect local communities to regional transit options.
  • Connecting to the Seattle Streetcar South Lake Union line, an accessible and easy-to-board modern streetcar connecting to multiple bus routes and Link light rail. 
  • Connections to other north/south bus services at major arterials to provide new access from other Seattle neighborhoods. 

Map of Project Area

Map showing project area on Mercer and Harrison StreetsMap of Transit Options Connecting to Project Area


Timeline graphic showing we are in early design

  1. Planning (2022-2023): We’ll collect traffic data, develop concepts and gather community experiences to define plans.  
  2. Design (2023-2025): We’ll collaborate with stakeholders and community members to develop a more detailed final design.   
  3. Construction (as soon as 2026): We will construct the project and keep the community informed on the latest construction updates, schedule, and expected impacts.    

Learn More

As a high-traffic, active area with a variety of local businesses, residential buildings, frequent bus routes, large truck deliveries, and people walking, biking, and driving, we are committed to working with the community to gather feedback throughout the project.   
We'll be reaching out to people in the neighborhood in the coming months and we are always interested in hearing from transit riders, community members and neighborhood groups that want to learn more about the project and make their voices heard. Please contact us with any questions at HarrisonMercer@Seattle.gov.

Additional projects adjacent that this project is coordinating with: 

Sound Transit South Lake Union Link Station 
Metro Eastlake Layover Facility 
RapidRide J Line 
Culture Connector 
WSDOT 520-to-Mercer Reversible Transit Ramp 
Thomas St (5th Ave N to Dexter Ave N) 
Denny Way Paving Project 
North Downtown Mobility Action Program 

Phone: (206) 900-8717
Email: HarrisonMercer@Seattle.gov

Community Outreach Lead
Darrell Bulmer

Project Manager
Ryan Moore

Project Materials

Project Questions and Answers (November 2023)

Project Fact Sheet (October 2023)

Presentations and Briefings


Seattle Transit Advisory Board Presentation (December)

Seattle Center Presentation (November)


South Lake Union Community Council Presentation (January)

Community Coordination Committee (January)

Seattle Center Resident Organizations Briefing (March)

Early Bike Planning Considerations (March)

Queen Anne Community Council (April)

Denny Triangle Association (April)

Seattle Transit Riders Union (April)

Pedestrian Advisory Board (May)

Need a translation?

For information about our study of future transit improvements on Mercer and Harrison Streets in your language, please call (206) 900-8717.

欲透過您的首選語言來了解我們對 Mercer 街和 Harrison 街未來公共交通改善的研究的資訊,請向我們發送電子郵件: HarrisonMercer@Seattle.gov,或撥打,或撥打206 – 900 – 8717 以您的首選語言留下語音訊息。

Mercer 및 Harrison Street의 향후 대중교통 개선 연구에 대한 정보를 선호하시는 언어로 원하시는 경우, HarrisonMercer@Seattle.gov로 로이메일을 보내거나 206 – 900 – 8717로 전화하여 선호하는 언어로 음성 메일을 남겨주세요.

Para obtener información en su idioma sobre nuestro estudio de las futuras mejoras del transporte público en las calles Mercer y Harrison, envíenos un correo electrónico a HarrisonMercer@Seattle.gov, o deje un mensaje de voz en su idioma preferido llamando al (206) 900-8717.


Greg Spotts, Director
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