Washington Street Boat Landing Pergola Restoration

Project Overview

The City of Seattle (City) through the Seattle Department of Transportation seeks to re-establish the Washington Street Boat Landing Pergola at the Elliott Bay seawall waterfront in Seattle, using the Design-Bid-Build method of project delivery.

The Pergola is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Work to complete the Elliott Bay Seawall Project required the temporary removal of the Pergola from its Pioneer Square Historic District Location. The partially disassembled Pergola is temporarily being stored in a tent structure located at Terminal 25 in the Port of Seattle. The wood roof was removed and discarded before moving it to this location. The exterior office walls were also removed, in six sections, and are stabilized and stored on site at Terminal 25. The remaining steel structure was moved mostly intact, and temporary steel bracing was installed for stability during the move and storage.

This Project is to restore, move and reinstall the historic Pergola to its original location. Restoration may include restoring the office panels and windows, casting and replacing missing structural ornamentation, and restoring the post bases of the columns. Work will also update the structure to meet seismic standards. The structure will be returned from Terminal 25 to the Washington Street Boat Landing.

Schedule and cost estimate

  • April 2017: Design-Bid-Build Ad
  • Q2-Q4 2017: Construction

Total Design-Built cost estimate: $1.8 - 2.0 million

Resources and materials

Photos - Posted 12/30/15

Video - Posted 12/30/15

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