1st Ave and Broad St Complete Street Extension Project

October 6, 2021

What's happening now?

We are starting project construction in early October! Beginning the weekend of October 2 and 3, we will begin civil work at the west corner of 2nd Ave and Broad St to remove existing curb bulb from Broad St and reconstruct ADA-compliant curb ramps. This work is anticipated to last up to two weeks. During this work, pedestrian access will be maintained, with intermittent detour. Vehicular access will also be maintained through this intersection.  

We will begin roadway construction as soon as October 20*. Construction activities include removal of existing channelization marking on 1st Ave between Denny Way and south of Broad St and on Broad St between 1st Ave and north of Denny Way.

*Please note this work is weather dependent and may be subject to change.

Project Description

The 1st Ave and Broad St Complete Street Extension Project will build bicycle and pedestrian improvements connecting Belltown to the future Climate Pledge Arena and to the Uptown neighborhood, helping to fulfill the City's Bicycle Master Plan vision to make riding a bike an integral part of daily life in Seattle.

In coordination with the proposed opening of the Climate Pledge Arena in 2021, this project will construct two-way protected bike lanes along Broad St between 2nd Ave and 1st Ave, and along 1st Ave between Broad St and Denny Way. This project will connect the new Climate Pledge Arena with the existing protected bike lane along 2nd Ave, which will continue to provide additional access to the Seattle Center campus at 2nd Avenue and Denny Way. This project will also connect to the future 1st Ave N and Queen Anne Ave N protected bike lanes, partially completing the bike network between Belltown and Uptown neighborhoods.

This project is identified and funded by the North Downtown Mobility Action Program (NODO MAP).

Project Background

The North Downtown Mobility Action Program (NODO MAP) was developed in late 2019 to support access and livability in North Downtown, which includes the Uptown, Belltown, and South Lake Union neighborhoods. The program builds on existing community planning efforts, reviews existing community plans and planned projects, and is closely linked to the redevelopment of the Climate Pledge Arena.

What are protected bike lanes?

A protected bike lane is an exclusive bike facility that combines the user experience of a separated path with the on-street infrastructure of a conventional bike lane. A protected bike lane is physically separated from motor traffic and distinct from the sidewalks.

These lanes have different forms but all share common elements - they provide space that is intended to be exclusively or primarily used for bicycles, and are separated from motor vehicle travel lanes, parking lanes, and sidewalks. Learn more at our protected bike lane page.

Project Map

Map showing proposed protected bike facility
Please note this map shows the proposed project scope and is not to scale.

Project Outreach

Thank you to those who participated in our online survey in October 2020. We worked to incorporate your feedback into our load zone relocation discussions. We've compiled all of the survey responses and want to share some of the findings from the survey results.

What we heard

  • Most respondents said that their most common uses of the curb space are passenger load/unload (3 minutes) and for 2hr parking.
  • Respondents said that evening/late night was the time of day where they most frequently use curb space within the project area.
  • Respondents indicated that they use the curb space more often on weekends (Friday - Sunday).
  • Concord Condominiums residents identified a desire to retain the 3-minute passenger load zone at the entrance to their building on 1st Ave.
  • 96% of respondents who responded to the question "How do you currently get around your neighborhood" said they walk (or use a mobility device) around their neighborhood.

Map showing load zones and curb space uses in project area.
Existing curb space uses along 1st Ave and Broad St in the project area.


This project is identified and funded by the North Downtown Mobility Action Program (NODO MAP).


Project schedule

*Draft schedule of the project is preliminary. Intent of project completion is to be aligned with anticipated opening of the new Climate Pledge Arena.