Wallingford Healthy Street

Updated April 10, 2024

What's Happening Now?

Thank you to everyone who signed last month up to adopt a planter! You should have received email confirmations from us with additional requests for more information. For permanent Healthy Street locations, neighbors can elect to replace the standard concrete sign base with planters. SDOT can install planters at Healthy Street intersections based on the requests we receive from neighbors. Neighbors who request planters are responsible for maintaining the planter after installation. For more information about adopting planters and planter maintenance, visit Healthy Street Planters.

We will be installing the permanent Wallingford Healthy Street features as soon as summer 2024! This means replacing the temporary signs with permanent signs supported by either concrete sign bases or planters.

Along with installing typical Healthy Street features, we will also be making safety improvements along the route as the Wallingford Neighborhood Greenway enters its second decade of service. For more information on the additional safety enhancements, please see the “Design Elements” section below.

Project Map

Map of the Wallingford Healthy Street
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Design Elements

As part of the permanent Wallingford Healthy Street, we will install additional safety enhancements along this route. These additional improvements include: 

Additional all-way stops at the intersections of Burke Ave N with both N 44th St and N 43rd St. These all-way stops will help all users safely pass through these intersections where the Healthy Street route turns.

Painted curb extensions at N 43rd St and Densmore Ave N, and Ashworth Ave N & N 43rd St. These new painted curb extensions will help calm traffic and reduce crossing distances at the T-intersections near Wallingford Playfield and Lincoln High School. 

Wallingford Healthy Street Design Elements

Graphic showing safety enhancements coming to the Wallingford Healthy Street, including painted curb extensions and two new all-way stops.


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