Delridge and Highland Park Stay Healthy Street

Updated December 13, 2021

What's Happening Now?

Thank you to everyone who emailed, called, visited with us at the outdoor open house, or joined the recent community group meetings about the proposed permanent route of the Delridge-Highland Park Stay Healthy Street. 

Obtenga más información acerca del programa Stay Healthy Street (calle para mantenerse saludable) y cuéntenos su experiencia llamando al (206) 727-3565. Los servicios de interpretación son gratuitos para la persona que realiza la llamada.

Tìm hiểu thêm về Chương Trình Stay Healthy Street (Đường/Phố Vì Sức Khỏe) và chia sẻ trải nghiệm của quý vị với chúng tôi bằng cách gọi đến số (206) 727-3565. Chúng tôi có dịch vụ thông dịch miễn phí cho người gọi.

Ogow wax badan oo ku saabsan Stay Healthy Street Program (Barnaamijka Jidka Caafimaad Qabka) oo noo sheeg khibradaada adoo wacaya (206) 727-3565. Adeegyada tarjumaaddu waa u lacag la'aan qofka wacaya.

What we're doing now 

Summarizing community outreach: We are reviewing and evaluating the community input we received through phone calls, meetings, emails, and surveys. We expect to share a summary of this outreach in early 2022. Our survey about this project closed on Friday, November 17. Any ongoing input about this project can be sent to or shared to our project phone line at (206) 727-3565.   

Developing the permanent route: We are using the community outreach to develop the permanent route of the Stay Healthy Street. We expect to share the permanent route map in early 2022. The earliest the permanent features (like the updated street closed signs) would be built is summer 2022.    

Removing sections near 21st Ave SW: We will be removing the below sections of the Stay Healthy Street near Sanislo Elementary. The sections are also shown in the map below.

  • 21st Ave SW from Croft Pl SW to SW Myrtle St
  • SW Myrtle St from 21st Ave SW to 18th Ave SW
  • 18th Ave SW from SW Myrtle St to SW Webster St
  • SW Webster St from 18th Ave SW to 16th Ave SW

These sections were proposed for removal in our recent outreach. The data we collected around traffic volumes, speed data, and biking and walking use of these sections can be seen here. We also heard from people living near these sections and from parents driving or walking students to school that they were not supportive of keeping the sections near Sanislo Elementary. Community members said the streets are already narrow in this area, making it more difficult to safely navigate around the signs and people using the Stay Healthy Street. Student pick-up and drop-off near the elementary school had also become more difficult because of the additional street closed signs on already narrow streets.  

Collecting traffic and speed data on SW Trenton St: In our recent outreach, we proposed keeping the Stay Healthy Street section on SW Trenton St from 11th Ave SW to 17th Ave SW. This is because our initial data collection showed fewer people driving on the SW Trenton St section and slower speeds of people who are driving on the street. Additionally, we heard community support for a connection and extra space for walking and biking to destinations in the Highland Park neighborhood.

We heard in our recent outreach that people like to drive on SW Trenton St instead of driving on adjacent arterial streets, like SW Henderson St which is designed to handle more vehicle traffic. Specifically, people driving like to use SW Trenton St from 16th Ave SW to 17th Ave SW to drive to Delridge Way SW and other locations west, like the Westwood Village area. We also heard that we needed to better understand the traffic volumes and speeds of people driving on this section of SW Trenton St, in particular between 16th Ave SW and 17th Ave SW.

Before making a decision on keeping or removing the SW Trenton St section, we are collecting and evaluating data along the street, as well as considering the additional community input we've received this fall. 

December 2021 update on Delridge-Highland Park route map

About this project 

Stay Healthy Streets are an important tool for Seattleites to get outside, travel to grocery stores, pharmacies, and local businesses, and get exercise. They make it possible for people to walk, roll, and bike in the street while staying 6 feet apart during the COVID-19 pandemic. Installed as part of our emergency response to the pandemic in 2020, they also provide an opportunity for you to consider how they might improve your community long-term.   

How were streets selected? 

We considered existing Neighborhood Greenways, which have traffic calming like speed humps, improvements to make it easy to cross busy streets, and have gone through a community engagement process.  

What is next?

We are evaluating making your Stay Healthy Street a permanent community feature. We want your input on ways to create a space that reflects your values and needs. Permanent streets could be used for having outdoor potlucks and celebrations with your neighbors, art projects, sports, and traffic gardens along with travel and should support your community's values.

Current Delridge-Highland Park Stay Healthy Street Route

Updated map of Delridge-Highland Park Stay Healthy Street April 2021

Proposed permanent Delridge-Highland Park Stay Healthy Street Route

Proposed permanent Delridge-Highland Park Stay Healthy Street Route


Fall 2021: Collect community input on proposed permanent route of the Delridge-Highland Park Stay Healthy Street 

Early 2022: Share with the community the permanent route and timeline for building permanent features.


Delridge-Highland Park Stay Healthy Street Data Summary, December 10, 2021 (PDF)

West Seattle Bike Connections presentation, November 2, 2021 (PDF)

Highland Park Action Coalition presentation, October 27, 2021 (PDF)

Proposed permanent Delridge-Highland Park Stay Healthy Street Route (PDF)

Potential intersection features (bike racks, street painting, more signs, cement blocks - circlesplanters, cement blocks - rectangle)

Map of potential removal on 21st Ave SW - June 2021 (English; Spanish; Vietnamese; Somali)

Map of potential removal on SW Trenton St - June 2021 (English; Spanish; Vietnamese)

Updated map of Delridge and Highland Park Stay Healthy Street - April 2021 (PDF)

Data collection for Delridge and Highland Park Stay Healthy Street (Presentation - PDF)

Delridge and Highland Park Neighborhoods: SW Trenton St (flyer - English; flyer - Spanish)

Delridge and Highland Park Neighborhoods: 21st Ave SW (mailer