West Seattle - High Point Stay Healthy Street

Updated March 31, 2023

What's Happening Now?

Art in High Point - Your salmon designs on SW Graham St and 31st Ave SW

The salmon art that High Point community members created has been installed on High Point streets! 

High Point community members draw designs onto an outline of a salmon. Photo courtesy of Seattle Housing Authority.

Each salmon is about 6 feet long and they “leap” along SW Graham St and 31st Ave SW. The salmon are in the middle of the street, so people can still drive on the them and they won’t be covered by parked vehicles. 

Location of salmon art in High Point

Photo of the salmon design on the street

Thank you, High Point community, for your involvement in this project.

Next steps on High Point Healthy Street

We are evaluating options for the High Point Healthy Street and appreciate your feedback on ways to create a space that reflects your community values and needs. We'd love to hear from you by calling (206) 727-3565 or emailing WestSeattleStayHealthyStreet@seattle.gov.

About this project 

We introduced Healthy Streets during the pandemic in 2020 as a way for Seattleites to get outside safely and stay active in local neighborhoods throughout the city. Healthy Streets are open for people walking, rolling, biking, and playing, and closed to pass-through traffic. 

We’re updating our Healthy Streets across Seattle based on the trends we’ve seen in terms of community use and public feedback. For the Delridge-Highland Park Healthy Street, we will conduct more outreach and collect more traffic and speed data to determine next steps.  

Map of the High Point Stay Healthy Street


High Point Stay Healthy Street - Schedule Graphic

May 2020: High Point Stay Healthy Street installed.

Through summer 2022:

  • Observation and evaluation of High Point Stay Healthy Street.
  • Hear from people who live on or near the Stay Healthy Street or use it for walking, rolling, biking, and playing.
  • Understand what the community wants the street to look like in the future.  

Fall 2022: Share with the community options for the permanent route of the High Point Healthy Street.


Map of High Point Stay Healthy Street (PDF) Spring 2021

Mailer sent to High Point neighborhood (PDF) May 2021


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