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Safe Routes to School Student Travel Survey

Since 2005, teachers and staff at Seattle Public Schools (SPS) have asked elementary school students how they travel to and from school. This survey is done in June to understand the travel patterns that families have established over course of the school year, while avoiding months that have walk or bike to school campaigns. Teachers ask students to raise their hand to show how they arrived at school that day as well as how they plan to get home. This citywide effort helps our Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program understand how kids get to school and how that changes over time.

Which schools do the survey and how many students take part changes from year to year. The Seattle School Traffic Safety Committee and SPS are partnering with us to find ways to increase participation in the survey.

Percent of Students Walking and Biking to School in 2018

Percent of of each mode students used for the year 2018

See the results of the annual student travel surveys: