Regional Water Supply Plan

Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) is an active member of the Water Supply Forum, a regional organization comprised of representatives from public water systems and local governments from King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties. The Forum addresses current and future water supply issues, including supply planning, environmental stewardship, and other water supply related issues currently facing the region.

The Forum's 2009 Regional Water Supply Outlook contains current and projected municipal water demands for each county within the three-county region, an analysis of regional water supplies, and details of potential future municipal water supply options, including enhanced conservation and wastewater reuse.

The 2009 Regional Water Supply Outlook found that there is currently sufficient water supply to meet the regions reasonably anticipated demands through 2050, including the projected effects of climate change. While there could be shortages beyond 2050 under some conditions, population growth beyond current expectations or climate change without adaptive resource management, many potential additional supplies have been identified which could be developed when needed.

The Outlook found that single-family residential water use has been reduced significantly within the region, dropping from more than 275 gallons per day per household in 1990 to just under 200 gallons per day per household in 2005. Commercial and industrial water users have also significantly reduced their water use as well.


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