Qualified C&D Recycling Facilities

City code requires that recyclable material from jobsites in Seattle must be sent to a Qualified Facility, which includes Source Separated Recycling Facilities and mixed waste recycling facilities. SPU Director's Rule SW-620 describes the general and specific facility requirements for being classified as a Qualified Facility. The rule applies to:

  • Source-separated recyclers
  • Mixed-waste recycling facilities

A list of source-separated recyclers is available at King County's What do I do with...? website.

Seattle Municipal Code 21.36.089 directs Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) to set up criteria to identify Qualified Receiving and Recycling Facilities for recovering targeted construction materials for recycling and beneficial use. A facility that is Seattle Qualified and King County Designated must:

  • comply with State and local permitting requirements, including maintaining a Solid Waste Permit from the Health Department
  • report monthly to the City on incoming and outgoing construction materials for reuse, recycling, beneficial use and disposal, and
  • meet performance standards for recovering banned materials from residuals bound for landfill disposal.

SPU Director's Rule SW-620 describes the general and specific facility requirements for being classified as a Qualified Facility and references the below materials:


Mixed Waste C&D Recyclers

The below table is updated as needed to reflect the current list of Qualified Facilities. Users are encouraged to contact the facility before visiting to confirm that they are still accepting certain materials and for gate fee information.

Facility Name Seattle Qualified and King County Designated  Recycling Certification Institute (RCI) Certified or Registered Regulatory Compliant Reporting Compliant Residual Compliant
Black River Transfer Station (Republic Services) - Processing Side
501 Monster Road SW, Renton, WA 98055
(206) 682-9730
Yes No Yes Yes Yes
DTG Hudson Street (formerly United Recycling Seattle)
74 S. Hudson Street, Seattle
(360) 668-4300
Yes Registered Yes Yes Yes
DTG Maltby (formerly DTG - Bobby Wolford)
8624 219th Street SE, Woodinville
(425) 481-1800
Yes Registered Yes Yes Yes
DTG Recovery 1
1805 Stewart Street, Tacoma
(253) 627-1180
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
DTG Redmond
8504 192nd Avenue NE, Redmond
(425) 549-4734
Yes Registered Yes Yes Yes
DTG Renton (formerly DRS Renton)
701 SW 34th Street, Renton
(425) 251-1612
Yes Registered Yes Yes Yes
DTG Seattle (formerly CDL Recycle)
7201 East Marginal Way S, Seattle
(425) 549-3000
Yes Registered Yes Yes Yes
DTG Snohomish (formerly United Recycling & Container)
18827 Yew Way, Snohomish
(360) 668-4300
Yes Registered Yes Yes Yes

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