Stencil a Storm Drain

Get outside, volunteer, and do your part to help raise awareness about stormwater pollution and water quality in Seattle neighborhoods. 

Why are storm drains important? As stormwater runoff flows off our rooftops, lawns, and streets, it collects pollutants such as gasoline, motor oil, soaps, pesticides, fertilizers, pet waste, and garbage. Many storm drains them direct this water and the pollutants it carries into a nearby stream, lake or Puget Sound.

How does a stencil help? Stenciling storm drain messages like “Dump No Waste / Drains to Puget Sound" reminds the community that what goes into the drain will end up in local waterways, directly affecting wildlife and people. When people make the connection between storm drains and local waterways, they are less likely to dump pollutants like soaps, paints, antifreeze, and used motor oil into storm drains.

How do I get involved? Storm drain stenciling takes place during the drier months from April through October. Our stenciling program is temporarily on hold but check back soon for updates. In the meantime, please consider adopting your storm drain to be a year-round steward and help our rain drain.

If you have a specific question or would like to organize a volunteer event, please email

One young person wearing a safety vest sweeps the street around a storm strain while another holds a can of spray paint above a stencil reading
Two volunteers sweep the street and stencil a storm drain.

Spring and Summer 2022

Our stenciling program is temporarily on hold but check back soon for updates. All previous volunteers and interested parties who have filled out our form will receive an email with the confirmed schedule.

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A child wearing a helmet and rubber boots stands above a storm drain and sprays white spray paint onto a stencil.
A young volunteer stencils a storm drain.

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